IC&C Live on Acaville

Get all the action from IC&C without leaving your couch!

Acaville is bringing the main event to you – wherever you are! Join us for the contest stage, the showcases, exclusive peeks behind the scenes, and even the fun going on off stage. Poised to be the biggest and best IC&C ever, the fun will be non-stop and we’ll be bringing that to you, even if you can’t be in Verona!

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HI & Acaville Logos

Harmony, Inc & Acaville Partner for IC&C

Want to have streaming access to the 2022 Harmony, Incorporated International Contest & Convention? Great news! HI has partnered with Acaville to bring you all the excitement, regardless of where you are!

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Harmony Stronger

What’s So Special About HI?

Inside the North American barbershop world there are four major organizations that represent a community of avid fans, performers, coaches, arrangers, directors, and judges, so who is Harmony, Inc. and where does it fit in to the larger community?

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IC&C Live on Acaville

Only US$59 gets you live broadcasts of:

  • Opening Ceremonies
  • Quartet Semi-Finals
  • Parade of Champions
  • Chorus Contest
  • Quartet Finals

… plus special features, interviews with contestants, and behind the scenes access to the biggest and best Harmony, Inc event of the year!

Full replays of the event will be available exclusively to subscribers through November 20.

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Need help? Contact our Customer Support Line via call or text at 240-686-5894. Text is preferred so we can help more than one customer at a time.

Can I stream the Harmony, Inc. IC&C on my TV?

Yes! However, we do not have a streaming app, just the feed on the website. Instead, you’ll need to cast (screen mirror/send) the video from the website to your TV, provided it has a Roku/Firestick/Chromecast functionality or device attached to it.

You can also plug your tablet/phone/laptop directly into your TV with the appropriate cable and adapter, should you have that, and play it off the website.

If you need assistance with this setup, please reach out to our support. It will help to have the type of device (Phone/Tablet/PC) and what type of Smart TV device you are using ready to share.

I’m watching on my phone and can’t find a link to the Watch Page.

Turn your phone horizontal to be able to see the full page layout. Also, there is a blue button with WATCH located just below the main banner on the Home Page. Or, make sure you are logged in and click here.

When will the rebroadcast be available?

Rebroadcasts of each session will be available within 24 hours of the end of the session. So, Wednesday’s Opening Ceremony will be available on Thursday, Thursday’s Quartet Semifinals will be available on Friday, etc. All rebroadcasts will remain up exclusively for subscribers until November 20, 2022. Harmony, Inc. will start releasing performances on YouTube on November 21.