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Catch the Area 6 AC&C!

Get all the harmony action without leaving your couch!

From the quartets to the choruses, you can be a part of all the fun and harmony in Orlando – it’s all happening April 19-20, 2024!

Harmony Stronger

What’s So Special About HI?

Inside the North American barbershop world there are four major organizations that represent a community of avid fans, performers, coaches, arrangers, directors, and judges, so who is Harmony, Inc. and where does it fit in to the larger community?

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Only US$20 gets you live broadcasts of:

  • A6 AC&C Chorus Contest
  • A6 AC&C Quartet Finals

… plus interviews with contestants, and behind the scenes access to one of the most fun Harmony, Inc events of the year!

Full replays of the events will be available exclusively to subscribers following the contest.